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Painting - Julia Freake Art

I get excited by the huge array of inspiration around me. There are endless ways to express yourself and as such I don’t like to stick to any one style or medium. Currently my preferred mediums to paint with are oils and acrylics.

And my styles vary dramatically...

Seascape: Living on the Surf Coast, we are blessed by our amazing environment. Depending on the weather, the sky and the sea can be so different from one day to the next. I never tire of observing our beautiful beach scenes. I’m constantly taking photos of cloud formations and waves to inspire my paintings.

Landscape: The surf Coast is renowned for being where the bush meets the sea. The amazing gums and bush land make for beautiful walks and another inspirational subject.

Abstract: Sometimes it is really nice to just let go and create with no particular image in mind. This type of artwork can be extremely meditative and is enjoyable way to be creative.

Contemporary Graphic Art/Modern Minimalist Art

I experimented with finding my own style and have found one I love. I really enjoy creating these types of paintings and find them quite relaxing to paint. My most popular paintings could be described as contemporary graphic art or perhaps modern minimalist.

Morning Walk

Acrylic painting is where it started for me. I enjoy the fact that it is fast drying and water soluble. I love that you can get a range of finishes by mixing acrylics with different mediums.


There are so many ways it can be used – inspiration is endless.


I attempted oil painting early on but didn’t connect with this type of medium until more recently.

I actually really enjoy how the oil paint goes onto the canvas. It is so smooth and buttery and can create a little texture.


I love the spontaneous elements of paint pouring. You can start with a concept for a piece of work but then must follow your intuition and the direction the paint wants to go.

garden drawing

Taking creativity to the next level combining a range of different mediums. It's like a party on the canvas.

water colour chart

A timeless medium with soft, gentle application and flow.

wavw design drawing

Great for design and concept as well as fine art. Loved by young and old. A great place to start.

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