Portfolio - Julia Freake Art

I love being creative and exploring new techniques and materials. I enjoy loosing myself in a painting and mostly use either acrylic or oil paints. I find making jewellery and macrame relaxing and mindful. Discovering and sharing new crafts and creative activities with the kids is fun and inspiring.

I have decided to continue using my maiden name as my artist name which is why my artwork is usually signed Julia Freake.


I get excited by the huge array of inspiration around me. There are endless ways to express yourself and as such I don’t like to stick to any one style or medium. Currently my preferred mediums to paint with are oils and acrylics.


And my styles vary dramatically.


Sculpting is a very tactile form of art allowing creativity to take a 3D form. Although I enjoy working with Clay, my current choice of medium is Paverpol. 

wrab bracelets-1.jpg

I have a passion for crystal and crystal healing and have combined this passion with arts and crafts to design and make jewellery incorporating crystals.


Like fine art, crafts can be inspirational, rewarding and even practical. I love to create using a range of different crafts. Most recently I have put my hands to work with jewellery making, polymer clay, rag rugs, lanterns, macramé, dreamcatchers and more.

Hanna's Fimo.jpg

One of my favourite passed times is getting creative with the kids. Our tribe includes four amazing children: Billy, Hanna, Ruby and Molly. My daughters all share my love of creativity and enjoy a range of crafts. This gallery is dedicated to their masterpieces.

The Original Strawberry

Check out some of my work from years gone by.