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Self portrait in sand

Art Therapy is a creative method of expression used as a therapeutic tool.

With art therapy the focus is on the creation rather than the final product. Art therapists believe that people can examine their body, feelings, emotions and thought process through creative expression.


Re-alignment of energetic frequencies, removes emotional & energetic blocks, while allowing for soul learning, healing & spiritual growth

inamojo centre

Inamojo is a well-being program for primary school aged children.

The program incorporates a mixture of stories, music, movement and creative art.

An emotion focused group parenting program.

The programs aim to teach parents and carers skills in recognising, understanding and managing their own and their children’s emotions.


Tarot Readings can encourage people to stop, breath and reflect; giving them that all important time to assess their options and choose a path forward.


Invest in your well being with tools, coaching and relaxation.

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