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creative kids


Create, learn and have fun at my weekly term courses.


Covering a range of arts and crafts for young and old.


I give myself permission to:

Be myself        Relax       Heal       Ask for help       Make mistakes       Follow my dreams       Say No       Love myself       Be happy


Inamojo/Chakradance Kids

Expressions of interest welcome

Inamojo is a well-being program for primary school aged children. The program is made up of 9 classes and incorporates a mixture of stories, music, movement and creative art.


Inamojo nurtures creativity and imagination through play whilst addressing all levels of healthy

developmental growth: physical, cognitive, emotional and social. Click here for more information.

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Art Fun

Creative Kids

Bookings open

Classes are evolved around a small group of kids looking to enhance their creative skills and emotional well being.


This class can be booked for the term or casual each week. Each session is different but typically incorporates: - a chat about the week, - a creative activity which may include one or more of painting, drawing, clay, textiles, drawing and more - Reflection and discussion


Some past activities have included: colour mixing with paints (learning about primary colours and how to mix them to make a range of colours), graffiti style affirmations using our new colour mixing skills, design (drawing) masks and then creating wearable masks with a range of materials, mixed media collaborative drawing with the whole class.


Teaching children to use the creative arts to give "voice" to thoughts they cannot verbally express, in a fun and safe environment.


Children will be encouraged to: use problem solving, imagination and self-expression to build self-awareness; communicate thoughts and feelings in a safe, non-judgmental environment. ​


Materials and equipment is provided. It is recommended to wear comfortable clothing that you don't mind getting a little messy. It is important to stay hydrated so please bring your own water bottle.

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Image by Tim Mossholder

Me Time

Expressions of interest welcome

An Adult Holistic Integrated Creative Art Therapy term program. Supporting emotional well being using the creative process of art making to improve and enhance the physical, mental and emotional well-being for individuals 18 years and over. For more information about Holistic Integrated Creative Art Therapy click here.

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Expressions of Interest welcome

A fusion of ancient wisdoms and modern music, for healing and well-being. Move your chakras, change your life!

Chakradance is a healing movement practice. It's a form of nourishment for your true self - for your soul. Moving to music specifically created to resonate with each chakra, you are guided into your own inner dance of release and re-connection. It offers a kind of liberation. It feels like coming home. Click here for more information.


Tuning into Kids

Expressions of interest welcome

This six week course is aimed to help parents connect with their children. The program provides a new way of working with families that focuses on the emotional connection between parents and children. The programs aim to teach parents and carers skills in recognising, understanding and managing their own and their children’s emotions. Click here for more information.

Colorful Crystal

Love and Light

Coming Soon

This program is designed to support children in their life journey through mindfulness, creativity and empowerment.

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