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About Julia

Julia is a

  • Mother and wife,

  • Artist

  • Footy trainer, team manager, spectator

  • Surf lifesaver, facilitator and age manager

  • First aid facilitator,

  • Chakradance & Chakradance Kids facilitator,

  • Tuning into Kids facilitator,

  • Holistic emotional well-being councilor including Holistic Integrative Creative Art Therapy

  • Crystal Energy Healing practitioner

  • Tarot Reader

  • Mental Health First Aider

  • Barista (coffee lover)

  • Student (loves learning and currently studying Master Practitioner in Holistic Art Therapy)

  • and holds a Cert IV in Youth Work and Cert IV in Training and Assessment

My story

Creativity is my passion. Art was always my favourite subject at school right through to A-level.

Unfortunately once I started working it took a back seat as I followed my father’s footsteps into

the corporate world. Although my career touched on creativity during my marketing days it was

very briefly in the fore front.


My husband and four kids then became my priorities and fill me with love.


A passion for surf lifesaving and first aid training followed. Although I occasionally found time to find

creative outlets (usually in the form of activities with the kids), life kept getting in the way. My skills in

administration followed me from the corporate world to the volunteer environment taking up much of my

spare time. With ‘burn out’ inevitable, 2019 was the year to put down the admin pencil and pick up the paint brush. With my family still my priority, Art and Crafts would become my second focus for the year and I began to create, picking up some old and new skills.

Mum, also keen to follow her love of art (but never knowing where to start), joined me in a weekly oil painting class with Pat McKenzie. Thanks Mum and Pat for helping me back on the path of creativity.

I have been on a number of committees/boards which have given me a keen insight to business operations. My corporate experience covers a range of skills from administration (including policies and procedures) to human resources to sales & marketing.  I have over a decade of experience in training and assessment within surf lifesaving including first aid, 14 years of experience in volunteering with children age 5-17 through surf lifesaving, in particular as an age manager for nipper programs, and through training. I have over 10 years of volunteering in my children’s’ school as a parent helper in a range of roles including in the classroom, on excursions, in the office, on school council and on the parents & friends committee.


I am passionate about alternative modalities including but not limited to crystal healing, energy healing, tarot reading, and astrology. I have tangible experience in offering these modalities to friends, family and like minded people for over 20 years. My passion around first aid extends beyond the physical to mental health leading me to combine my empathy for others and my creative side to embark on a diploma of Holistic Integrated Creative Art Therapy. Throughout much of this experience my creative outlets were pushed to the background and although I continued to dabble in the arts, they were not my full time focus. It is time for my passion and creativity to come to the forefront and shine.

Julia Freake painting splitpoint lighthouse

At 14 I found a love for Ballroom and Latin American dancing and although it too took a back seat, I rediscovered it in my mid-twenties. Although I do love the rhythms of Latin American dancers, there is something quite soothing with Ballroom dancing.

In my thirties I had the opportunity to embrace my spiritual side beyond self-expression and home reading to join a weekly spiritual circle and to also gain The Crystal Energy Healing Level 1 Practitioner. It is within these two communities I discovered, dare I say it, a calling.

With a passion for well-being particular for parents and children I have embarked on additional modalities. I first came across Tuning Into Kids when I attended a 6 week workshop when my eldest two were 4 and 2 years old. Since then I had pursued the facilitator course but unable to make dates work. Nearly a decade later and the Covid 19 pandemic has taken many courses online and opened this opportunity for me and I have completed the Tuning Into Kids facilitator course. This course brings emotional coaching to parents. I've also attended the Tuning Into Teens program and

look forward to completing the facilitator program for this course in the future. Another course I've been interested in and have been able to complete is Chakradance Kids (previously Inamojo), a well-being program designed to bring mindfulness to children. I love delivering this program with local kids and see them connecting with their emotions as they follow the stories.

I am also a Chakradance Facilitator. Chakradance is a fusion of ancient wisdoms and modern music, for healing and wellbeing. I love the hands on experience of releasing tension through movement and meditation.

I love connecting with students in my arts and crafts classes and workshops. One of my most popular classes would be the eco craft workshops I run in the school holidays for kids. We repurpose items and materials which would otherwise find their way into land fill, to create some thing new.

In bringing my art and healing passions to the forefront of my life, I’m excited to not only get creative but to also share this journey with you.

If you are interested in the details, here are some of the highlights from my education and career life.

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