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Love and Light

This program is designed to support children in their life journey through mindfulness, creativity

and empowerment. It aims to help children to:

  • identify and manage their emotions to create an awareness of self-care,

  • calm the mind and the body,

  • build a toolbox to help manage fears and worries,

  • tap into happiness, kindness and love.

This course is designed to start in term one of the year. It will consist of 75min sessions, once a week

starting in week two of the term. It is the first in the progression. Each term will be built on the same

topics but growing on what was covered the previous term.

Each session will use a similar format but with a different topic.

  • Introduction

  • Meditation

  • Spiritual Development

  • Creativity

  • Summary/Close

The spiritual development topics will include:

  • Chakras: what are they, where are they, associated colours, sounds and feelings

  • Protection: how do we protect ourselves emotional

  • Spirit Animals: What they are and how do we find ours

  • Crystals: About crystals, their meanings and uses and how we care for them

  • Mindfulness and Gratitude: What is it? Mindfulness and gratitude towards self and others

  • Self-care: Taking care of self emotionally and physically

  • Messages: Forms of messages, how we receive them, what to look for


Nurturing creativity and imagination through spiritual


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