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Oracle cards tend to be less structured than tarot cards. They can vary from a few cards in the

deck to 100 cards. They don't tend to have a common theme.

Basically oracle cards tend to be a set of images with phrases and a book explaining how they

can be interpreted. Because of this, they are usually a little more user friendly and have become

a popular tool in self discovery. Similar to tarot cards, oracle cards can be used to seek guidance,

clarity and a different perspective.

With so many decks out there, it can be tricky to choose just one set. Go with one you like the look and

feel of. The one you are drawn to.

Some of my favorite sets include:


Gain guidance,

clarity and


From the heart 


I love crystals, tarot and many alternative modalities and personally believe in them and all that they do.


However, I am not a medically trained professional and wish for you to understand that I make no claims, promises or guarantees to treat, cure or diagnose any medical issues. I merely aim to share my knowledge and experiences.


At no stage would I recommend you stop taking any medication or steps recommended by your Medical Practitioner or other health provider in place of complimentary therapies. These complimentary therapies are just that and are expected to be used, as complimentary therapies, in conjunction with that recommend by medical professionals. 


I have found many benefits both in guidance and entertainment from Tarot and Oracle readings. The information provided in a reading is general in nature and provided for reference or educational purposes. I find readings to be a great way to open questions and consider aspects of your life which you perhaps hadn’t previously. A Card reading received does not interfere with your free will. You are entirely responsible for your own choices and actions regardless of the reading received. The information contained within is in no way designed to replace medical practices or medical advice that has been given to individuals. It is a great way to explore your life journey, what path you are on, what path you wish to be on and the direction you will take moving forward.

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