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Design a Stunning Desk Tidy

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

With four kids, I’m always looking for fun and practical crafts we can work on together. During the first COVID 19 lock down we worked on these personalised desk storage boxes.

We worked on the designs together using ideas and images from some of their favourite items/activities/games.

Some of my kids helped transfer the designs or colour them. Others wanted me to do it. Here are our four complete ones. Posca Pens are our new favourite art item to use.

How We Did It

We sourced some blank plywood storage boxes (these can be found in many art shops, craft shops and even hardware stores.

We painted two coats of white gesso on them to give us a base to work on.

We researched and designed how we wanted to decorate them. In some cases we copied logos or images from favourite brands or games and in other cases we searched for different images we liked and used them as inspiration to create our own designs.

We then drew (or transferred with baking paper) our designs with pencil.

The fun part was next. Using a range of posca pen sizes and colours we coloured in our designs. In most cases we needed to do 2 coats of posca pen to get vivid colours.

Finally we coated them with 2-3 layers of varnish to protect the designs and they were ready to use.

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