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Rock art

My daughters and I love create designs on rocks with Posca pens.

During the first Covid 19 lock down (around Easter 2020) we had a day creating. We then hit the rocks in the garden like an Easter egg hunt. We may have even have hid the odd rock in friends gardens on our daily work to spread the joy.

What did we use?

We used standard garden rocks, pencil or chalk, Posca pens and varnish.


Let your imagination run wild with colour, shape and size.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Collect supplies (we have some river bed landscaping so finding the rocks was easy)

  2. Give the rocks a good clean and let them dry

  3. Start designing (for more detailed designs use chalk or pencil first to lay it out)

  4. We found sometimes we needed 2 coats of posca pen to get a real vibrant colour

  5. Once dry, spray a couple of coats of clear varnish (this is only necessary if you plan to leave the rocks outside - it will give a little protection from the weather).

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1 Comment

The kids loved doing this and they look great outside the front door

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