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Easter Egg - Stain Glass Style

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

An Easter craft you can display in your window for all to enjoy.

Stain Glass Style Easter Egg Craft

Material you will need:

  • Coloured paper or thin card

  • Tissue paper or cellophane

  • Scissors

  • Clue (clue stick, PVA or Clagg)

  • Pencil

  • Rubber

NB: I like to keep tissue paper from gifts or packages to re-use in crafting rather than purchasing new.


  1. Take two pieces of paper of the same colour and lightly draw an egg shape in pencil on the top one.

  2. Cut out the center of the egg (I slightly bent the paper to get the first cut).

  3. Trace your egg onto your second piece of paper and repeat. We found this easier than trying to cut two stacked pieces of paper

  4. Place a third piece of paper under your two eggs and lightly draw your design. Note: a. all patterns need to meet the edge of the egg - no ‘floating’ circles or shapes b. you will need to extend your design to be wider than your egg to allow for gluing space

  5. Cut these shapes out in one go. Note: you will need 2 of each shape. We found it easier to cut them out, trace them onto some of the spare paper and cut the second lot out separately rather than stacking the paper to cut them.

  6. Take one egg outline and one set of patterns and clue them on as designed.

  7. Now select your tissue paper or cellophane and design where you would like to put each colour. Roughly cut out the pieces of tissue paper to fit the space. Make sure you have enough space to glue around the edges but trim where needed so that it doesn’t stick into the next section. You can use a glue stick or PVA for this part.

  8. Once you have glued all the tissue paper on you can glue the second set of patterns over the top. Make sure to match it up over the first set but so the tissue paper is between the two layers. You can then glue all the way around the edges and stick the other egg outline over the top.

  9. Your design is now ready to attached to the window and enjoy.

Note: apologies for the photo quality. It does not show the amazing colours of the border paper but you can see how the tissue paper works.

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